Conjure the magic in the everyday...


Pixel Potion is a fully inclusive photography business with a goal of breaking down barriers to portrait and family photos.

Pixel Potion focuses on capturing the magic in the everyday, for EVERYONE. If you are looking for truly unique photos that depict your personality and cater to you and your family's needs, we just might be a match! 

Smiling is just one expression photos can capture. Everyone has their own personality and this essence will shine thru in the images, smiling is optional. So is posing. So is sitting still.

That is the goal! But, we will get there in a non-traditional way. A Pixel Potion photo session is very loosely structured and many times it will seem as though it's playtime.  This is by design.I bring bubbles, ribbon wands, books and various other items to each session. Knowing this going in is important so that you can relax and enjoy our hour together. Sometimes taking a group photo works at the top of the session, sometimes it gets captured candidly and sometimes once everyone plays and runs around, we capture the best and most relaxed moments. Every session is different. You will also receive images you don't remember being taken because you were caught up in the moment.

Not at this time. But I would be happy to recommend a photographer who does!

I prefer to leave as many images untouched as possible. Editing of photos will mainly consist of exposure and saturation edits and possibly some light blurring of background or minor imperfections such as hair in face, etc. If you are looking for a dynamic edit, please let me know ahead of time and we can discuss ways to best achieve the look you are going for. 

For family sessions you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Try to keep it to solid colors without loud graphics or prints. It looks amazing when families coordinate within the same shade and get creative with it. If you know your session is going to be on a cloudy day, aim for pops of color over neutrals. 

I hope everyone does! (Myself included)